Daily Motivation


This is something that I continue to battle on a daily basis. I am my own worst enemy. Does anyone else feel this way? How to you work through it? I know the Law of Attraction talks about like attracts like and to keep your thoughts positive and happy. How to you keep the negativity from creeping in and taking over what you worked so hard to accomplish? I would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions below.


Daily Prompt: Year (Happy New Year!)


Hello readers and Happy 2017!! I trust everyone had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve? I am the mom to three boys so my night consisted of me staying home in my jammies!!

As part of my new journey to finding myself yesterday I took sometime to write out some goals for 2017.  I find it really helpful if you are breaking out your goals into short term and long term.  I find doing it this way is going to help my goals be more attainable.  Here are a few I am working on to give you some ideas:

Short term: Increase my Etsy Listings

Long Term: Pay off all debt

Short Term: Loose 5 pounds I also have a long term goal of loosing 50 pounds.


What are some of your goals for 2017? Do you break them down into long term/short term?


Wishing everyone an amazing 2017!! Remember you get back what you put into the universe so practice being kind! xoxo


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