Non-Toxic Skincare

One of my many passions is non-toxic skincare.  My adventure into it started with indie brand bath & body items as well as Lush.  Once I started researching all the toxins in store bought items it really started opening my eyes and since our skin is our largest organ the thought of allowing more toxins to be absorbed into my skin gave me the heebie jeebies.

At the end of 2016 I started researching direct sales companies that sold non-toxic skincare and wasn’t already saturated in the market.  The end of November I found what I was looking for in Max & Madeleine! They had just launched in August 2016 and only have about 300 advisors!

On this page I will post a direct link to all my blog posts about non-toxic skincare and Max & Madeleine so they will be easy for you to fine!

  1. January Promotion