Tips and Tricks to help Hair Loss

After having my third son I noticed how different my hair was and how much was falling out. It is not as thick as it used to be. Some great tips here that I will for sure give a try!

Azzy Beauty

Hi Friends!

Earlier this year, I had a major surgery on my spine and this caused trauma to my body, causing me to lose a lot of hair! My hair was very thick and long and after surgery it became half of what it was, and since then it has never been the same.

But I was determined to get my hair back to the way it was, and I tried remedies and products to help.

After a few months, I have noticed that my hair has started growing back! So, I thought I would share my tips and tricks on how to help hair loss.

1. Don’t use a brush on your hair whilst it is wet.

As your hair is weak when it is wet, a brush is more likely to pull your hair from your roots causing major hair loss. Using a comb, only gets rid of…

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Welcome to my Journey

Hello everyone and thank you so much for visiting my blog! This blog is going to be about my journey so it is going to include a lot of different things.  I am going to showcase how I am working on created a positive mindset, paying off debt and ways I am finding to make money from home.  I am also the mom of a special needs child so I will share my journey with that as well.  I hope you enjoy the content I am going to share with you and that you stick around for my ride!!