Daily Prompt: Year (Happy New Year!)


Hello readers and Happy 2017!! I trust everyone had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve? I am the mom to three boys so my night consisted of me staying home in my jammies!!

As part of my new journey to finding myself yesterday I took sometime to write out some goals for 2017.  I find it really helpful if you are breaking out your goals into short term and long term.  I find doing it this way is going to help my goals be more attainable.  Here are a few I am working on to give you some ideas:

Short term: Increase my Etsy Listings

Long Term: Pay off all debt

Short Term: Loose 5 pounds I also have a long term goal of loosing 50 pounds.


What are some of your goals for 2017? Do you break them down into long term/short term?


Wishing everyone an amazing 2017!! Remember you get back what you put into the universe so practice being kind! xoxo


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