Morning Motivation


So decide today is going to be the best today! Yesterday is the past don’t focus on what you should have or could have done. Focus on making today great!!





Daily Motivation


This is something that I continue to battle on a daily basis. I am my own worst enemy. Does anyone else feel this way? How to you work through it? I know the Law of Attraction talks about like attracts like and to keep your thoughts positive and happy. How to you keep the negativity from creeping in and taking over what you worked so hard to accomplish? I would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions below.

In a Funk


So when I first started looking into the law of attraction and really applying it to my life I had the believe that I had to be happy all the time, like begets like. This was really starting to take its toll and I was tired of faking being happy when I really wasn’t. So I decided to step back and clear my head.  I wrote in my journal and did some mediation and had an awakening if you will that I don’t have to be happy (pretend to be) or upbeat all the time for the LOA to work.  I have to learn to take care of my mental well being and I realized its ok to be in a funk just keep pushing forward.  So, if you are new to LOA just know you don’t have to be Susie Sunshine all the time for it to work!

With that being said I look forward to getting back to my daily motivation on here and taking part in the post a day. I will also be doing some reviews on some indie companies as I love supporting small businesses!

I hope everyday had a great Wednesday!!